Simplify your IT management end-to-end

Esevel gives you the power to handle all your IT needs in one amazing platform. Whether it’s your people, devices, or applications, you can manage them with ease and confidence.


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Why Esevel? Why Now?

Perfect solutions for your expanding global teams

Esevel helps you manage your people, IT devices and applications on one platform. Reduce time spent on your day-to-day IT tasks from hours to just minutes.

Centralized IT Management

Effortlessly handle your company’s IT needs from device procurement, provisioning, management, and security in an all-in-one system.

Support your global team

Align security and IT management across multiple offices and work from home employees effortlessly. No more struggling with technical jargon.

Mitigate security risks

Monitor, secure and update and update all your devices with latest software updates, security patches. Continuously protect your company from cyberattacks.

Scales with your company

Esevel’s platform is designed to meet the needs of growing businesses, providing a flexible and scalable solution that fits how you manage IT at your company.

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From employee onboarding to offboarding

Esevel covers all your IT management needs from employee onboarding to offboarding. We allow you to easily and quickly purchase, set up, update, and remove devices, software, and accounts for your employees. Our North Star goal is to ensure that your IT assets are always running smoothly, securely, and compliantly.

Centralize device procurement and management

Equip your global teams with everything they need. Get a bird’s eye view into all your devices, and track their health, security and update status.

Support across Asia-Pacific

Full range of device option

Customs made report

Unified System

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Device Management and Security

Esevel can help you achieve and maintain compliance with its security policy management and reporting solution by allowing you to create, apply, and monitor security policies across your devices. You can also generate detailed reports on the security and compliance status of all your devices.


What our satisfied clients say about us

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As we have a distributed team, whenever we onboard a new joiner, we had to source for equipment by ourselves.
It’s really hard finding a reliable IT vendor. I’ve had difficulties with language barriers and currency differences. I spent hours and hours just searching and negotiating with multiple vendors for the right equipment or service.
Somehow, Esevel came and saved my life!
Esevel provides us with the best services and price. When what we need is not available, they help us source based on our requirement. Their reliability is commendable.


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