About Us


The challenges with remote work

Working from home poses its own challenges.

For remote workers, you have to learn how to communicate remotely with your team, manage your time and deal with household distractions.

For employers, you have to adapt to a new style of results-based management and ensure that your remote team is provided for in the same way as your on-site staff.

However, one area that both employers and employees should not have to compromise on is the employee’s safety, health and productivity.

Our mission

We founded Esevel to be an end-to-end remote work platform that helps companies simplify the management of a dispersed workforce.

We help take care of your team’s safety, productivity and day-to-day work needs, even as they telecommute to work.

We believe that the future of work will be a blended and fluid workforce.

People will have the flexibility to work out of the office, their homes or even co-working spaces, as the situation demands.

That is why our mission is to empower people to work from anywhere and still be capable of acheiving their best work possible.

How did we get started

We started Esevel the same day that Singapore started its COVID lockdown in April 2020.

While other businesses focused on cost-cutting amidst the uncertainties, we forged ahead.

That is because we caught a glimpse of how the pandemic has turbocharged the trend towards remote work.

Our background

Our team brings more than 10 years of experiencing in serving companies, executives and professionals with their ergonomic and office furnishing needs in Singapore.

We’ve brought this experience and focus on customer experience with us to Esevel.

So whether you are working from home, a startup or an MNC, it is our mission to make it easier for you to bring premium ergonomic furniture and equipment into your lives.

We want you to be as comfortable, safe and productive at home as you are in the office.

Contact us at hello[at] today and let us know how we can help you in your remote work journey.