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  • WiFi For Home Office

    Get High-Speed WiFi In All Areas Of Your Home

    Are you frustrated by frequent disconnections during your video calls? Slow webpage loading especially at peak hours of the day? Intermittent or no Internet access in certain rooms?

    Before you buy a pricey new router or pay to upgrade your broadband service, it is important to understand that there are many causes of WiFi failure.

    Good wireless signal depends on 3 primary factors: Setup, Coverage and Equipment.

    Here at Esevel, we work with a team that has 25 years of experience in networking computers and helping people in homes of all sizes resolve their WiFi issues.

    Schedule a no-obligations call today to find out how we can help you resolve your home WiFi headaches permanently.

    Benefits Of Working With Us

    Free consultation

    We provide a free phone consultation to hear your issues and understand your existing WiFi setup. We then assess and advice if there is a simple solution to the problem or whether you need to take further steps. Our no-obligations consult is completely free of charge.

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    Tailored Solutions for Every Home

    Our solutions are tailored for your individual circumstances. Whether you live in an apartment and need help with an unstable WiFi connection or are looking to set one up for your multi-storey home, we can design a suitable solution for you.

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    Business & Enterprise Grade Equipment

    Our solutions make use of the same enterprise grade WiFi routers used in large offices. We provide services that properly configure and manage the routers, so you can enjoy the same secure, stable and reliable connectivity as you would in the office.

    How It Works

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    STEP 1

    Book a free phone consultation with us. We will help you evaluate the current connectivity, signal coverage and possible causes of congestion in your home.

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    STEP 2

    Should you require an on-premise assessment, an on-site consultation can be arranged at $250. The fee will include a written report with a comprehensive diagnosis of the WiFi problem and recommended solution.


    STEP 3

    We will propose various solutions – it could be as simple as relocating your router or a more tailored solution using enterprise-grade equipment. If you decide to take on our service, we will provide you with options to choose from.

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    STEP 4

    We will arrange to install your chosen solution for you and offset your on-site consultation fee against your service fee.


    STEP 5

    Over the course of our service for you, we will take care of everything including regular maintenance, firmware upgrades or equipment replacements (if required).

    Optimize Your Home WiFi Today

    Sit back and enjoy frustration-free connectivity from the comfort of your own home.

    Book A Free Phone Consultation With Us Today
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