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    Help Your Team Succeed With Remote Work

    Boost their wellness and productivity with ergonomic furniture and equipment, even when they work from home.

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    Great for remote work in Singapore. Loved the desk, chair and the service. Easy to order and great customer service! – A.W.

    Remote Work For Businesses

    Keep Your Team Safe

    With employees spending a greater portion of their time working from home, their home office set up is one over-looked area that smart employers are now examining.

    We provide curated enterprise-grade ergonomic furniture and one-on-one virtual ergonomic assessments with Certified Ergonomists to fully optimize your remote team’s workspace.

    We help to protect your team from injury and discomfort while working from home and ensure compliance with Singapore regulations on health and safety.

    Save On Office Cost With Remote Work

    With office costs going through the roof in Singapore, forward-looking companies are increasingly building distributed teams for remote work.

    Now with Esevel, you can get a one-stop shop for premium ergonomic workstations and accessories, and have them delivered and installed directly at your remote team’s homes.

    Enjoy Ultimate Convenience

    Decide whether to purchase or lease, all at corporate prices. Our subscriptions run 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, and you can cancel, extend, return or keep your pieces at any time. If your team loves the products, they can buy it over and never pay more than retail price.

    Enjoy the flexibility to scale or downsize as your team grows.

    A dedicated account manager will ensure that your remote team is taken care of at all times, no matter where they are located.

    Get Ready For The New World Of Remote Work

    Equip your remote team with all the equipment they need to do great work at home.

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