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  • Cyber Insurance

    Nearly 20% of businesses have experienced a cyber security breach as a result of remote work. Guard your company’s most valuable digital assets with cyber insurance today.

    Cyber Insurance

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    Why do you need cyber insurance?

    Remote work is only made possible with technology. Yet inadequate technology infrastructure, and poor cyber and data security leads to higher exposure to cyber threats. With cyberattacks costing companies $280,000 on average, a single attack can put a small company out of business. It’s time to consider protecting your company with cyber insurance today.

    Important policy benefits

    Essential Coverage

    Breach response services

    Includes notification, call center, credit monitoring and identity theft resolution services.

    PR crisis management

    Includes coverage of public relations expenses.

    Forensic investigation

    Covers costs incurred to investigate, examine and analyze computer network.

    Value Added Coverage

    Business interruption

    Covers net profit or loss and extra expenses as a result of network attack.

    Customer and regulator notification

    Assist with notification to the regulator and customers.

    Cyber extortion cost

    Covers situation where insured receives cyber extortion threat.

    Safeguard your business from cyber attacks

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