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  • How It Works

    Telecommuting? Get Work-Ready Setups In Just 3 Simple Steps

    Get your home office up and running with a flexible low subscription that you can always change later.

    Step 1:

    Choose furniture and equipment that you’ll love to work on

    • Choose the products and subscription term that suits you.
    • Prices change according to the subscription term and there will be a refundable deposit.
    • Find perfect pieces that suits both your working style and budget for telecommuting.
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    Step 2:

    Add To Cart

    • Schedule delivery at a date and time most convenient for you
    • Select whether you want white glove installation service
    • Review and digitally sign a simple contract

    Step 3:

    Enjoy your new workspace

    • Have the products delivered to your doorstep
    • Sit back and enjoy your new workspace
    • If you fall in love with the products, simply buy it out and own it forever. You’ll never pay more than retail price.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We charge a refundable security deposit. If the products are returned, we also charge a return fee of $30 per location. All other charges are optional, including the white-glove installation service.

    Our products are ex-rental units in good condition. All our furniture and equipment undergo a stringent process of maintenance, refurbishment and sanitization, before they are sent out to you.

    We use a secured recurring payment system by Stripe. On the day you order, we will charge a one-month subscription and a one-month refundable deposit. Your card will be charged on the same calendar date every month based on the order date until the end of the subscription term.
    The lease term starts the day the products are actually delivered to your address and ends on the same calendar date of the last month in which your subscription ends.
    Please note your delivery date could be a 1-2 day difference from the billing date. But rest assured that you will be utilizing the product for the full subscription length.
    The refundable one-month deposit will be returned within 7 days of your subscription ending.

    You will receive an order acknowledgement from us along with an itemised invoice and a copy of the subscription agreement that you signed upon checkout. We will then contact you to confirm the scheduled delivery date.

    Once the subscription is over, you can choose to:
    1. renew your subscription at a discounted rate of 15%;
    2. exchange your products for other products and enter into a new subscription;
    3. purchase the product for a residual value (simply the retail price less the amount you have already paid for);
    4. or return the products back to us.

    Yes, definitely. If you love your items and want to keep them you can purchase them for their residual value. This is simply the retail price less the amount you have already paid for. Just reach out to hello@esevel.com at the end of your subscription and let us know!

    For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

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