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  • Virtual Ergonomic Assessment

    Virtual Ergonomic Assessment

    Give your employees a one-on-one virtual ergonomic assessment with our certified ergonomist

    At Esevel, we work with certified ergonomists to provide virtual ergonomic assessment for your employees.

    Ensuring your employee’s workplace is set up ergonomically is important because poor posture and repetitive motions affect musculoskeletal systems, quickly leading to musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other aches and sprains.

    As an employer, you can show your employees you care about their wellbeing, with our cost-efficient virtual ergonomic assessment package.

    Our ergonomist will evaluate your employee’s workspace with a questionnaire and a video conference, and provide your employee with customized recommendations, solutions and training.

    Remote Ergonomic Assessment by Esevel

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A comprehensive ergonomic assessment benefit your employees ensuring their safety, and improving their efficiency and comfort. The resulting increase in productivity, reduced employee absenteeism and improved employee morale also results in a good return on investment.

    We can schedule your ergonomic assessment within a week.

    On confirmation, we will send your employee a short questionnaire to fill in, and request digital images of their work area. This will be evaluated by our ergonomist prior to the video conference.

    The ergonomist will provide step-by-step recommendations to adjust the employee’s workstation and equipment layout, and improve their posture. Coaching and training over the phone may also be provided, upon request. The assessment generally lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the requirements. Your employee will be provided with a report after the assessment is completed.

    As the assessments are customized for each employee’s individual needs, please inquire with us for a detailed pricing.

    Set Your Employees Up For Success

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