Esevel - best employee onboarding experiences

Best Employee Onboarding Experiences from Top Startups

The webinar “Hiring and Onboarding Talents Globally in 2024” has imparted crucial knowledge about how an excellent remote onboarding experience should be. This piece will highlight the significant strategies used to remotely onboard new hires at Esevel, Omni HR, and Turtle Tree, providing insights into crafting an engaging onboarding experience.

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Best employee onboarding experiences from Esevel

At the heart of Esevel’s remote onboarding strategy is a blend of innovative technology and personalized touches, ensuring that every new journey begins on the right note.

Automated onboarding workflow

This can ensure that every new employee receives a fully configured device without breaking a sweat, making their first day hassle-free and welcoming.

“Onboarding is a very important period. When new hires receive their laptop, open it, and everything has been set up there for them, it delights them.” – Yuying Deng, CEO at Esevel.

Esevel - best employee onboarding experiences

Onboarding buddy system

A well-structured onboarding process must have a companion. Esevel introduces every newcomer to their onboarding buddy. Each new employee is paired with an onboarding buddy, providing a personal touch and a go-to person for any questions or guidance.

Coffee chats for cultural integration

Coffee chats and informal meet-ups are then organized to help new employees blend into Esevel’s culture, fostering a sense of belonging from the outset. The Esevel team has coffee chats as a casual yet potent blend of interaction and integration. 

Ownership and engagement

Best employee onboarding experiences from Omni HR

At Omni HR, the onboarding journey is more than a series of tasks; it’s an immersive experience designed to empower and engage from day one. Brian Ip, co-founder of Omni HR, sheds light on their distinctive approach to best employee onboarding experiences.

The double orientation program.

They start with comprehensive orientation sessions that introduce new employees to the company’s mission and their specific role within it. This 1st orientation unveils the grand landscape of Omni HR, illustrating the milestones and ethos driving the company.

This is followed by a 2nd orientation to dive into their particular work area, ensuring they understand their responsibilities and the tools they’ll use. 

Regular check-ins and feedback

Omni HR places a strong emphasis on consistent communication through regular check-ins. This approach ensures that new hires feel supported and provides an opportunity for feedback, allowing for adjustments as needed.

These sessions are more than mere formalities; they are important for feedback and foresight, shaping a roadmap aligned with both the employee’s expectations and the company’s vision.


Innovative engagement methods, such as gamification of the onboarding process and personalized communications, are employed to make the experience more interactive and enjoyable.

Engagement and culture-building

Best employee onboarding experiences from TurtleTree

At TurtleTree, the employee onboarding program is more than a process—it’s an experience designed to astonish. They’ve set the bar high, aiming for a level of smoothness in onboarding that leaves even seasoned professionals from big corporates in awe.

Here’s how they achieved this:

Seamless integration through tech

TurtleTree harnesses onboarding tools not just for efficiency but to enrich the new hire experience. From hassle-free laptop setups to a comprehensive HR information system, every touchpoint is meticulously planned to ensure a frictionless start.

Empowerment and choice

Empowerment is at the heart of TurtleTree’s approach. New employees are given the freedom to choose their tools within a comfort range, a gesture that not only personalizes their onboarding but also instills a sense of ownership and belonging from day one.

Personal touch in a digital world

Fionna Lee from TurtleTree highlighted the significance of personal connections, “Personal touch is one of the key most important things. It makes a very big difference to the person joining for the first time.”

Esevel - best employee onboarding experiences

TurtleTree understands the value of human connection, especially in a remote setting. They’ve crafted a unique strategy where new joiners engage in conversations with a diverse group of team members, including senior leaders. This not only demystifies hierarchical boundaries but also embeds a deep sense of the company’s inclusive culture.

Continuous engagement and feedback

Feedback is a cornerstone of TurtleTree’s onboarding. Through regular surveys and checkpoints, they keep a pulse on the new hire’s experience, allowing for constant refinement and personalization of the process.

In summarizing their approach, TurtleTree’s onboarding approach skillfully merges technology with personal connections, creating a welcoming and empowering environment for new hires, which is essential for their integration and success within the company.

The art of onboarding in a global landscape

We’ve explored diverse and best employee onboarding experiences from Esevel, Omni HR, and TurtleTree, revealing how these companies successfully integrate new hires into their global teams.

Technology, personalized engagement, and company culture can ensure a smooth and welcoming start for remote workers. This holistic approach to onboarding not only enhances employee experience but also sets a solid foundation for long-term success in today’s dynamic work environment.

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