In-house IT support professional

When should I hire an in-house IT support team for my startup?

As your startup grows and expands beyond 60 people, things may start fraying.

On/offboardings get delayed, employees complain about old devices, security becomes an issue. Your CTO or tech-savvy HR are stretched to their capacity and cannot cope with IT requirements from staff turnover and expanding needs.

Is it time for you to consider hiring an in-house IT support professional? 

Building an in-house IT support team can be expensive so this is a decision you’d want to consider carefully.

7 factors to consider before hiring in-house IT support

1. Company size and growth

As your company grows, so will its technology needs.

At the start, you may not need full-time in-house IT support. Your CTO or HR can wear multiple hats, one of which includes “IT Superhero”.

But as your business grows, you will need someone dedicated to manage your systems and networks. And the faster your company grows, the more urgent this becomes.

Do not wait too long to bring an in-house IT professional in, lest you incur technical debt that becomes difficult to resolve later.

2. Complexity of technology needs

If your startup relies heavily on technology – and most startups do nowadays – you may need an in-house IT department to manage and troubleshoot these systems.

Other than the number of employees, another telling sign of complexity is the number of SaaS applications your business uses.

The average number of SaaS applications used by companies have jumped more than 13 times from just 8 apps in 2015 to 110 in 2021. Each additional app brings the need to manage licenses, spend, compliance risks and user requests.

3. Budget

Experienced IT professionals are highly sought after, so hiring one in-house can be expensive.

In Singapore, the fully loaded cost of an IT manager is around US$90,000. And if you have distributed teams in other countries, you will most likely need to hire on-site IT technicians to properly support them (unless you have a service like Esevel supporting you – more on that later).

So it’s important to evaluate your budget and determine whether you can afford the ongoing costs of salary, benefits, and training.

4. Security concerns

If your startup handles sensitive data or operates in a regulated industry like fintech or banking, you may need an in-house IT professional to ensure that your systems and data are secure and compliant.

Technology risk management and its attendant requirements like cybersecurity procedures and vulnerability assessments, business continuity and disaster recovery plans, are highly specific and require an experienced IT professional to manage.

5. Availability of external IT support

If your technology needs are relatively simple, you may be able to rely on external IT support, such as a managed service provider, instead of hiring an in-house IT team.

A service like Esevel helps you perform necessary functions like on/offboarding employees, procuring devices, laptop setup, repair support and redeployment of devices for your teams throughout Asia-Pacific.

It can either act as an extension of your in-house IT team in countries where you do not have anyone on the ground, or as an outsourced IT provider if you have simple technology needs.

6. Technical expertise

If you or your team members do not have the technical expertise to manage your technology needs, it may be necessary to bring on an in-house IT professional to ensure that your systems and networks are properly set up and maintained.

One thing to note is that your developers are not IT professionals.

While most developers will have basic knowledge about networks, operating systems etc, they do not have the full set of skills to do IT support, and most developers are unlikely to enjoy it. There’s a reason why they chose to become developers after all.

7. Strategic goals

Your decision to hire an in-house IT professional should also be based on your strategic goals. If technology is a key part of your growth strategy, then hiring an in-house IT professional may be necessary to achieve your objectives

Building an in-house IT support team can be expensive and time consuming. And if your business has teams distributed across a few countries, a single in-house IT professional will likely not suffice – you will need a team.

Whether you have an in-house IT department and need support for your regional team, or you have simple technology needs and are looking to outsource your IT, we can support your business. Esevel keeps your business moving by taking on the grunt work of managing your people, IT devices and software applications across 8 countries in Asia Pacific.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how our team can help you!