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The top IT Influencers in Asia to connect and follow

The Asia Pacific region, a thriving center for technological growth, is home to some of the most visionary minds in the industry. These individuals are not only masters in navigating the complex tapestry of information technology but are also shaping the future of businesses and consumer habits alike.

The influencers we’re about to introduce lead the conversation in technology innovation, their voices amplified through social media channels and speaking engagements across the globe. With a blend of technical expertise and years of experience, these thought leaders provide insights that resonate with startup CEOs, CIOs, and founders across continents.

11 IT influencers in Asia

Below is a list of top IT influencers in Asia recommended. Follow up their works, and you will have access to the source of inspirational content birthed by their invaluable opinions as real leaders.

Davis Truyen

IT influencers - Davis Truyen

IT/OT/IoT/CPS Cybersecurity Writer | Certified CIP Cybersecurity Professional

Davis Truyen’s pen and expertise bridge the gap between complex cybersecurity concepts and engaging B2B content. A former cybersecurity company insider, Truyen now lends his voice to leading publications and tech behemoths like AT&T Inc. and Microsoft. He crafts case studies, white papers, and thought leadership pieces that resonate with industry professionals. Truyen is also the mastermind behind course content for a renowned certification program, shaping the expertise of cybersecurity pros across the globe.

Yuying Deng

IT influencers - Yuying Deng

CEO @ Esevel | MBA, IT Platform Management

Lorraine Ong

IT influencers - Lorraine Ong

Winner Women In IT Asia Award – Transformation Leader of The Year | Singapore Top 100 Women in Tech SG100WIT

Lorraine Ong embodies the intersection of experience and innovation, with over two decades in IT leadership. Her award-winning journey is marked by transformative projects in cybersecurity and citizen-centric services. Lorraine is a recognized figure in the tech community, holding numerous certifications and leading teams that specialize in AI and digital solutions. Her voice and vision contribute to Singapore’s IT landscape through her involvement in the Singapore Computer Society and various media engagements.

Hadi Ganjineh

IT influencers - Hadi Ganjineh

AVP of IT & Innovation | Forbes Tech Council | APAC Top Voice 2023

Hadi Ganjineh is an embodiment of versatility in the digital realm, bringing a wealth of knowledge that spans the entire spectrum of digital transformation. His multi-disciplinary expertise has garnered him multiple global accolades, positioning him as a thought leader in innovative and renewable technologies. Ganjineh is not just an award-winner but also a contributor to Forbes, where he shares his insights, adding value to the digital transformation discourse.

Shui-Min Tan

IT influencers - Shu Min Tan

Chief Information Technology Officer

Shui-Min Tan stands at the forefront of IT management, steering large teams towards delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that are both innovative and cost-effective. Her extensive experience and strategic leadership have significantly contributed to the tech industry’s growth and efficiency.

Aurore 悟灵 Duhamel

IT influencers - Aurore 悟灵 Duhamel

French Tech Singapore | SG 100 Women in Tech | SG PR

Aurore Duhamel excels in connecting innovation to the business sphere, turning pioneering ideas into reality. Recognized as a Key Opinion Leader, particularly in IoT, Blockchain, and AI, Duhamel is a sought-after keynote speaker at prominent industry events. Her international business acumen and ability to execute innovation strategies in diverse environments are second to none. In her spare time, Duhamel dedicates herself to inclusion and environmental causes, embodying the spirit of a leader committed to progress and sustainability.

Seema Mishra

IT influencers - Seema Mishra

Global Digital Transformation Thought Leader l Accelerating Women Careers in Tech | TOP 100 Women in Tech SG

Seema Mishra’s career is a tapestry of leadership and innovation in digital transformation. With her contributions spanning across the US, Europe, and Singapore, she is a driving force in making the future of work inclusive and diverse. As a co-founder of Pinkstripes, she accelerates careers for women in underrepresented industries, emphasizing the importance of diversity in tech. Mishra’s voice and expertise resonate through her speaking engagements, advocating for an equitable and high-performing tech culture.

Shawn Thompson

IT influencers - Shawn Thompson

Cyber Security leader at Accenture

Shawn Thompson’s career is where cybersecurity expertise meets engineering pragmatism. He leads transformations that redefine business insights, sustainability, and security. His international experience across various industries has informed his holistic approach to integrated cybersecurity solutions and culture-building within organizations. Thompson’s focus on leading sustainable business transformations speaks to his role as a visionary in the cybersecurity landscape.

Aliza Knox

IT influencers - Aliza Knox

Bestselling Author, Speaker, Tech Exec, Non Exec Director, Sr Advisor

Aliza Knox is a celebrated figure in the tech and financial services sectors, known for her leadership roles at global companies like Google and Twitter. Her international experience and success in building business units across continents have earned her numerous awards and recognitions. Knox is an influential voice in tech, dedicated to empowering future leaders and contributing her expertise as a columnist and author.

Do Ngoc Huy

IT influencers - Do Ngoc Huy

Regional IT Infrastructure Manager | CCIE Security, CISSP, MBA

Do Ngoc Huy is at the forefront of integrating IT infrastructure into educational environments as the Regional IT Infrastructure Manager at Nord Anglia Education. With over two decades in IT and ICT, his profound experience supports over 67,000 students across 30 countries. His expertise in IT strategy and information security, coupled with an innovative approach to cloud computing, ERP, and digital transformation, has been pivotal in enhancing educational experiences. Huy’s passion for leveraging technology drives not only academic excellence but also positive community impact.

Mei Leng Tham

IT influencers - Mei Leng Tham

GovTech CISO at Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment | Cyber Security Risk Leader Award

Mei Leng Tham provides cybersecurity direction within the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment in Singapore. Her leadership in developing cyber and data security strategies exemplifies her commitment to safeguarding the nation’s digital infrastructure. Tham’s expertise and her role in earning accolades such as the Risk & Resilience Award and Cyber Security Risk Leader Award solidify her as a key influencer in the realm of public sector cybersecurity.

Influencing IT transformation and security across Asia

In wrapping up, the journeys and achievements of the IT influencers underscore the transformative power of technology in the Asia Pacific. Their forward-thinking leadership and innovative solutions continue to shape the digital domain, offering valuable lessons and inspiration for all of us navigating the latest tech trends. 

Engage with their work, embrace their insights, and join the dialogue to propel your IT initiatives into the future.

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