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15 Must-Have Tools for Managing Remote Teams

Here, we explore 6 common categories of remote work tools for remote workers.

Communication Tools

Without a doubt, every company with remote or hybrid employees needs a solid communication tool.

The best ones makes it easy to communicate with your team in multiple different ways (instant message, video chat etc). These tools help you eliminate the friction that comes with remote work, such as communication lag and increasing interaction between remote team members.  

Here are some communication tools that our team has used and we would highly recommend:

Zoom screenshot

1. Zoom

2. Slack

3. Microsoft Teams

4. Google Hangouts

5. Webex

Furthermore, because the essence of remote work is mobility, make sure to select software that supports mobile apps device.

File Sharing Tools

For remote companies, security is one of the topmost priorities, especially when dealing with file-sharing online.

A dependable file-sharing tool is your first step in safeguarding against cyberattacks and data breaches.

Google Drive screenshot

6. Google Drive

7. Dropbox

8. Microsoft OneDrive

9. ProofHub

Once you find your idea cloud based file storage and sharing tool, you’ll find managing your remote teams easier than before.

Provisioning Tools

Screenshot from Esevel

Imagine trying to onboard a new joiner when you are based in another country. This is no easy task, but is a common situation that many HR and IT Operations people of remote companies find themselves in.

10. Esevel

A remote work platform, Esevel provides one central platform to set up, equip and manage remote teams based in different countries.

At the click of a button, you’d be able to procure and ship the physical equipment your remote employees needs to do good work, whether this is a laptop, monitor screen or headset.

At the same time, Esevel also provides automated asset and spend tracking, and acts as a single source of truth between different departments in your company.

A remote work provisioning tool can help you scale up your remote company by providing a single place to manage all remote work needs.

Project Management Tools

Good communication, asynchronous communication and work visibility, these are all important factors for remote project management.

To keep your team productive, consider using one of several project management tools for remote teams here. 

11. Asana

It is a flexible Saas management tool that focuses on collaboration. Intuitive with different task displays, it also supports custom fields and forms. You can even invite unlimited guest users. Although it may require a steep learning curve at first, Asana offers remote teams a lot in the way of productivity and collaboration.

Screenshot from Trello

12. Trello

With the proper project management tool, your team will find it much easier to communicate and collaborate with your team members.

Time Management Tools

Working remotely, especially from home, can make us lose track of time. In the absence of an office environment or office commute, people often put in more hours than they expected at work.

There’s where time management tools come in. They help team members have a healthy work-life balance, especially when working from home. 

Screenshot from Toggl

13. Toggl

Project management tools such as Asana and Trello also incorporate time management tools in their app. This would make it easier to ensure seamless time and project management.

Secure Integration/Password Managers

One major vulnerability is phishing attacks.

Employees have to juggle multiple online accounts on different devices. Away from the security of the office intranet system, team members may not have the knowledge or time to maintain secure passwords.

That’s where password managers come in. Password managers help offload the trouble of memorizing passwords and storing the details for you and your team members. 

14. 1Password

15. Lastpass

Great Tools for Managing Remote Teams

With such a wide availability of tools for managing remote team, it’s a matter of finding the right ones so that your team continues to be as productive and connected as they’ve always felt.

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